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Sightseeing running tours in Northern Ireland

Sightseeing running tours in Northern Ireland

Sightseeing running tours in Northern IrelandSightseeing running tours in Northern Ireland

How to book your guided running tours

Visit The Coastal or City Tour pages and decide which run is right for you.

Once you have decided which of the running tours you would like to do, just click on 'Contact Me for Availability'.

Let me know which tour it is and suggest some dates and times. I will get back to you to discuss the options and confirm the tour details.

Tour Time Availability:

Saturday and Sunday: anytime

Monday to Friday: limited availability - contact me with your request

Once we have finalised the dates, just come back to the website and click on the 'Shop' button to purchase the tour.

(Please check your Spam/Junk mail folder in case my reply or order confirmations go there).

Please note that in common with all organised running events it is a condition of booking that you read and accept the medical disclaimer in the Terms and Conditions.  


Always smiling on the Causeway Coast

When are the tours?

At the minute, I am only available early mornings, evenings and weekends for running tours. However, I will try to work around your schedule so you get the most out of the city running tours or coastal running tours.

Where do we meet-up?

The start and finish point will depend on which run you have chosen. Details of this can be found on the relevant tour page. I will be wearing a branded Born To Run Tours t-shirt and will look out for you.

What shall I bring?

Dress appropriately for the weather conditions and length of run. Running shoes are an essential, trail shoes for most of the coastal tours. Otherwise just wear whatever is familiar to you and are most comfortable with. On hot sunny days bring a running hat and use sunscreen.

Bring a water bottle with your usual sports drink or water if you wish. Remember it is important to stay hydrated particularly on longer runs.

Running gels or snacks should only be necessary on 20+k runs and if you are familiar with them.

Contact me beforehand if you have any questions.

What about toilet facilities?

Most tours will have toilet facilities at the start or finish of the tour.

What about pace and ability?

I can cater for most running abilities – these runs are above all about YOU and helping you get the most enjoyment from this great opportunity to run in Northern Ireland.

For practical purposes I am assuming that you currently jog or run, have no major health concerns that could cause you or your guests risk as a result of this activity, and that your pace is anything from a slow jog (approx 12:00 min/mile or 7:00 min/km) to relatively fast, club-runner standard (approx 06:30 min/mile or 4:00 min/km).

If at any time in the run you feel the need to adjust pace up or down, stop, or simply head straight home just let me know.

What if the weather’s bad?

I run rain or shine, and will always assume a booked tour is on whatever the weather!

The only exception to this is if the weather is particularly adverse (strong winds, bad snow, ice etc) and I consider going ahead could pose a potential risk to safety. I will let you know with as much notice as possible and provide a full refund.

Please check out the Terms and Conditions page for the cancellation policy.